Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Real Life Hero

All Superheroes have super powers, Superheroes have honors, Superheroes are the chosen ones, Superheroes have gadgets, superheroes have duties, even real life superheroes have degrees, jobs, powers, etc. such as policemen, firemen, president, securities, etc. but not this hero! This hero only has degrees and powers not anything else but he can make the first machine ever to run in a railway track, his name was Richard Trevithick.

He is my hero because he is an inventor and also he work hard making a locomotive that will replace the horses that pull passengers and goods. He has tried many times to reach his success for making this locomotive project works but he had failed to try building the perfect locomotive. However his grandson (George Stephenson) continue his work until he finally reaches his success. He is the inventor of the working locomotive but still Richard Trevithick is the first founder who makes the locomotive train. Also I like him because he builds the locomotive without any help frItalicom anyone.

For me a hero is a person who is strong, hard worker and find something to help the future. And that is Richard Trevithick.

The End

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