Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alliterative sentences

1. Normal: The cat sat on the pillow and meowed.                                                   Alliterative: The cat curled up on the cushion and cried.

2. Normal: One Saturday a funny reptile moved in the dirt.
    Alliterative: One Saturday a silly snake slithered in the sand.

3. Normal: A couple little turtles walked to the city.
    Alliterative: Two tiny turtles trotted to the town.

4. Normal: The cold breeze blew past the lake. 
Alliterative: The winter wind Whipped past the water                                       .

5. Normal: The rain sprinkled down on the street.
    Alliterative: The pitter patter poured down on the pavement

6. Normal: The animal ate food for a meal
    Alliterative: The bear ate berries for breakfast     

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A holiday to the safari park

in 10 december 2008 i go to the safari park in puncak when I go to the safari park  I buy 5 carrots for feeding the animals. in the safari park I seen there is lots of different animals the zebras until the humbolt penguins I ask to the zookeeper where is the polar bears? the zookeeper says : the polar bears died because the polar bear is too old three years ago so the director switch the polar bear exhibit into the penguin exhibit. I buy a ticket for feeding the penguins I have 5 sardine to feed the penguins.